Temporary Barricades

Whenever you pass by a construction site, you often see temporary barricades put up to enclose the site. Barricading is a requirement for being awarded the construction contract. The temporary structures are erected to hide the mess of the construction from the public; and for the safety of people who are passing by.

What makes AL walls the best temporary barricades?

The walls offered by Alusett are light (making them easy to carry), reusable, easy to set up and use and they are durable. The system is easy to set up, can be moved around if need be and permits changing of the configuration. Contractors can save money from the second time they use the walls. AL offer customers a choice of materials: lightweight aluminum extrusions or sections of PVC panels. Both materials are easy to clean and are for use indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, application of graphics to the wall system (to make the barricade more appealing) is possible. Alternatively, AL walls can also be used to separate work areas, serve as temporary walls and to manage foot traffic in places such as airports and trade fairs.

A contractor, for instance, has the option of putting up a dry wall; then tear it down upon completion of the construction. This is however, a time-consuming and costly undertaking. For purposes of saving time, the wall system by Alusett can easily be put up and removed. Reusing the walls makes them Eco-friendly and cost-effective.

How to Acquire Temporary Barricades

To buy the walls, visit AL. Or call on 1-800-434-0444. Once you have made contact, you simply give the details of your partition (height, color, material, application etc) and the company deals with the design and layout.

If you need a barricade which expels the need of cutting, painting and removal of waste, AL has got what you need.